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Monday, January 7, 2013

Backup Checkpoint Configuration in Gaia and Gaia+

There are different Gaia version released already by Checkpoint. From Clish , using "show version all" to check version build number:

CP> show version all 
Product version Check Point Gaia R75.40
OS build 338
OS kernel version 2.6.18-92cp
OS edition 32-bit

So far, there are following version we know:

latest EA: 264
GA: 338
2nd GA: 339
GAIA+: 65
GAIA+: 123

Gaia+ version provides more feature and functions than Gaia. One of difference is the way to do configuration backup.

In Gaia version, browser does not provide the ability to execute backup from GUI interface. Command line is "add backup ftp/local/scp/tftp"

CP> add backup 
ftp   - Store the files on ftp server
local - Store the files locally
scp   - Store the files on scp server
tftp  - Store the files on tftp server

CP> add backup local 
Creating backup package. Use the command 'show backups' to monitor creation progress.

CP> show backups
Backup package is under creation now.

CP> > show backups
backup_CP.checkpoint.com_7_1_2013_11_51.tgz Mon, Jan 07, 2013 31.11 MB

The file locates at /var/log/CPbacku/backups/R75.40_ foler.

[Expert@Montereal-DMZ]# find / -name backup_CP*

2. Gaia+, you can do it both from GUI and Command Line. 
In the browser, it is under Maintenance tab. 

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  1. HI

    I want to use this:

    add backup ftp ip VALUE username VALUE password plain

    How do i run an FTP server on my windows? I have winscp installed, how do i create a login for that? Can I just share a windows folder to the network with write permissions and do this as well?