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Friday, June 13, 2014

Checkpoint SPLAT Upgrade to Gaia Error and Solutions


Experienced similiar issue happened two years ago again. Trying to upgrade R75.40 Splat Checkpoint Box to R77.10 Gaia, but it was failed from Webui. Webui will not give you too much information to let you troubleshoot it.

Last time the fix for me is to chose Splat version to upgrade from R71.30 to R75.40, rather than Gaia. This time I have enough patient to get this issue fixed.

Since Webui failed, I went to cli to try using the method from my previous post (Upgrade Checkpoint from Command Line after failed from Webui). Still got the failed message. But from /var/log/CPupgrade.elg, I was able to get following root cause:

GateD configured. Cannot proceed with the upgrade. Exiting...
cp: cannot stat `Kerntypes*': No such file or directory


Checkpoint SK76840 "Upgrade to Gaia from SecurePlatform fails with error message:"Gated configured cannot proceed with the upgrade exiting" provide a solution for it.

[Expert@CP-Management]# pro disable
Please reboot the machine to complete the operation.
[Expert@CP-Management]# cd /etc
[Expert@CP-Management]# rm gated.ami
[Expert@CP-Management]# rm gated.ami.0
[Expert@CP-Management]# rm gated_xl.aml
rm: cannot lstat `gated_xl.aml': No such file or directory
[Expert@CP-Management]# rm gated_xl.ami
rm: cannot lstat `gated_xl.ami': No such file or directory
[Expert@CP-Management]# ls             
acpi             depmod.d     group.lock        installation.success  mb_cfg         profile.d    readahead.early.files  snmp
adjtime          dev.d        grub.conf         iproute2              mke2fs.conf    profile.uni  readahead.files        ssh
alternatives     dhcpc        gshadow           isdn                  modprobe.conf  protocols    resolv.conf            sysconfig
bashrc           dhcpcd       gshadow-          issue                 modprobe.d     pwdb.conf    rpc                    sysctl.conf
blkid            dhcpd.conf   gshadow.lock      issue.web             motd           raddb        rpm                    syslog.conf
cd.ver           dumpdates    gssapi_mech.conf  kdump.conf            mtab           rc           samba                  termcap
conf             ethers       host.conf         krb5.conf             nsswitch.conf  rc.d         scpusers               udev
cp-release       fdprm        hosts              opt            rc.local     scsi_id.config         updfstab.conf
cpshell          filesystems  hosts.allow            pam.d          rc.sysinit   securetty              updfstab.conf.default
cpuspeed.conf    firmware     hosts.deny        libuser.conf          passwd         rc0.d        security               xinetd.d
cron.d           fonts        image.version     localtime             passwd-        rc1.d        services               zebra
csh.cshrc        fstab        init.d            passwd.lock    rc2.d        shadow
csh.login        fw           initlog.conf      login.defs            ppk.boot       rc3.d        shadow-
csh.login.bakup  fw.boot      initscript        logrotate.d           ppp            rc4.d        shadow.lock
csh.login.uni    group        inittab           lvm                   profile        rc5.d        shells
default          group-       inputrc           makedev.d             profile.bakup  rc6.d        skel
[Expert@CP-Management]# reboot

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