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Use Serial Port in Virtual Machines Running on Vmware Workstation and ESXi

1. Using Serial Port in the VMs running at Vmware Workstation

Named Pipe TCP Proxy is the one I am using on my laptop to connect to Named pipe on my Vmware Workstation VMs.  The Configuration looks like following:
  • Virtual Machine's Settings
  •  Named Pipe TCP Proxy's Settings
  •  SecureCRT's Settings

2. Using Serial Port in the VMs running on ESXi

In ESXi, it is already built-in feature for Vms.
  •  ESXi VM's Settings - Near End is set to Com1 and Server mode, waiting windows serial client to connect to it
  •  Windows 7 VM's Settings - There are four serial port added , and Serial port 1 has been set to Com1 as a client.
  •  SecureCRT's Serial Connection setting


  1. This was AWESOME!!! I´m so surprised noone commented, this is brilliant mate, no named pipes and stuff like that, so simple and elegant... and works! Thanks!!!

  2. Agree with Mateja. Brilliantly article! I also share my serial ports on virtual machine with SEC and your solution is the best for me. Thanks

    1. Glad to know it works for you.

    2. Thanks for providing this informative information you may also refer.

  3. Couldn't disagree with the comments above.