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Simple Github PHP Code to Ask Camera Permission and Capture Photo to Upload to Website

 Github Project address:

Camera Project Description

This project is used to demonstrate how easy a web app can use your camera to take a photo. As long as you give permission to this web app to use your camera when you launched the page, it can take your camera photo right away without any further notification.
  • on the mobile devices, phone or tablet, it will use front camera to take the photo.
  • https connection will be required for most of browsers. Using http, most browsers will not be able to get Camera permission.


Basic web page to ask your permission to access your camera. Camera Page Web page to show you the captured camera photos View Photo

You can modify home.php file line 46 for photo.php file location.
Photo.php file line 25, you can modify the folder location for captured photos.

Demo Sites


  • : Once you accessed this page, either through computer, or mobile devices, it will ask your permission to access camera then it will take a photo from your camera automatically. The photo taken by camera will be saved into a folder named by your public ip. Captured Photo will be placed into website /photos/ folder

Note: The photo will be deleted automatically once Heroku app is in idle. It will be active 12 hours/day from 8AM - 8PM.


To manage the camera photo, you might need to use another php script to view/delete/upload your photos. In this project, I integrated the one from . The code has been put into index.php file under photos folder to make the whole project easy to use.

Notes: Original index.php and photo.php code is from SunPma's blog post,“”. I translated all to English and add simple-file-manager code into it. All codes are belongs to original authors.


Create a cron job at  to access your site every 30 minutes to keep your Heroku app from sleeping. 


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