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Friday, October 15, 2021

Free Cloud Server Monitoring Services: Netdata, New Relic, Datadog, Instrumental

NodeQuery is a free monitoring service provider which provides a free, lightweight and easy to use linux server monitoring service. You also will get alerts and actively monitor the performance of your servers. Unfortunately, their website is not accessible since end of Sep (Sep 25, 2021)

In this post, I am going to introduce other four free cloud monitoring service providers as an alterative. 

Free Plans 

To sign up a free plan, all of those four sites are no credit card required. All of them are having paid plan which provides advanced features and longer data retention period. 



New Relic



Free Plan

Unlimited nodes

Unlimited Containers

Unlimited Metrics

1s metrics granularity

Unlimited data retention (Data is inside your infrastructure)

Unlimited users

Unlimited alarms and notifications

200+ Data collection integration

Free forever

1 free full user

Unlimited free base users

100GB free per month data for ingest

8 days+ data retention

Unlimited querying

100 Synthetics checks

Unlimited free alerts

Free proactive anomaly detection

1K free incident intelligence events per month

Up to 5 hosts

1 day metric retention

450+ integrations

Unlimited user accounts


Up to 500 metrics

13 Months of data visibility

Installing Agent

-          One command installer

-          Docker

Guided install: One command installer, Docker, configuration management tools

One command installer


 One command installer


No advanced user control and auditing

Data and calculation is on local infrastructure.

Heavy agent

 No integration with other authentication.

Installation is taking a bit long and complicated.

No alerts

No Container monitoring

No anomaly detection

No support for Arm architecture.


Dashboard Screenshots


New Relic:



YouTube Videos


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