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Sunday, April 24, 2022

Upgrade Your OneDrive Space from 5T to 25T For Free

By default, your Microsoft Developer E5 will only give you 5TB for your OneDrive accounts. Actually, Microsoft has provide a easy way to upgrade your storage limit to 25TB. It is just hided from normal setting page. 

In this post, I am going to show you a free and easy way to upgrade your OneDrive from 5T to 25T, without making any manual request to Microsoft or writing some PowerShell script. 

Check Your Current OneDrive / Share Point Configuration

1 Log in Microsoft 365 admin center (https://admin.microsoft.com/) using a global admin account

2 Click All admin centers from left panel

3 Click SharePoint to go to SharePoint admin center

4 Click settings from left panel of SharePoint admin center

5 Check SharePoint Site Storage Limits and OneDrive StorageLimit

6 For SharePoint, we can set specific limits for each site manually. 

7 For OneDrive, maximum default storage limit you can set is only 5120GB (5T).

Pre-requirement to Upgrade OneDrive to 25T

Based on Microsoft Doc , Check OneDrive site eligibility for increased storage, If you need more Microsoft OneDrive storage than the default 5 TB, the Microsoft 365 administrator in your organization can check if you are eligible for an increased storage limit. You must already have filled 90% of the 5 TB storage before requesting an increase.

Process to Upgrade OneDrive from 5T to 25T

1 From Microsoft 365 admin center (https://admin.microsoft.com/) , find out the Help&Support menu at the left bottom corner of this page. 

2 Enter "Increate OneDrive Storage", wait Run diagnostics section shows up

3 Enter the user or email you would like to upgrade to 25T, then click Run Tests button

4 If your user's OneDrive is not used over 90% of the current 5TB limit, you will not be able to upgrade to 25TB

5 Copy your OneDrive files to different folder to make it use more than 90% of 5TB storage. 

6 Check OneDrive's Storage metrics to verify your site usage

7 If you already used up 5T, you might have an optional button to request more quota for your account as show from following screenshot

8 If the tests detect that the user's OneDrive site can be upgraded to exceed the 5 TB quota, select Update Settings for the diagnostic to process the increase.
Screenshot of the Need Help window says your tenant is not configured to increase a user's OneDrive quota beyond 5 TB.

9 Sometimes, the Upgrade Settings button will not show up. You might need to open a service request to request upgrade. 

Run diagnostics
Your tenant is not configured to increase a user's OneDrive quota beyond 5TB.
If you would like to increase the storage quota of this site beyond 5TB, you will need to create a new service request.

Did you know a portion of the saved support cost from these diagnostic runs are donated to global non-profits? See Diagnostics for Social Good.

Here is a ticket I opened to request increasing quota for my OneDrive account:

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