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Monday, July 25, 2022

upptime: a GitHub-based free opensource website monitoring project

This post introduces UPPTIME this Github project which is an open source site monitoring tool completely based on Github. 

Demo Sites

Demo sites: 


Github Project: upptime/upptime
Webiste: Upptime (https://upptime.js.org)

Upptime is the open-source uptime monitor and status page, powered entirely by GitHub Actions, Issues, and Pages, which has been used by 1,000+ people and teams to ensure they know when their endpoints go down.

Docs: https://upptime.js.org/docs/

Main features

1. Free and Open Sources. No need to have your own server or program experience. 
2. Github account. Fully powered by Github Actions, Issues, and Pages
3. 5 Minutes interval to monitor websites or hosts
4. Every 6 hours, response time commited to git to save for page view.
5. Github pages to show data using API to fetch repository history data. Support PWA.
6. Support api, tcp, ping monitoring as well.
7. Notify users of downtime with GitHub Issues


Getting Started guide: https://upptime.js.org/docs/

1 Create a repository from the template

2 Publishing Page

By default, it has been published automatically with right source and folder settings. 

Only thing you might want to add is a custom domain name,

Custom domain name will require a cname record added into your domain registrar. 

3 add repository secrets

  • Click on your profile picture on the top-right corner and select "Settings"
  • In the left sidebar, select "Developer settings"
  • In the left sidebar, click "Personal access tokens"
  • Click "Generate new token"
  • Select the "repo" and "workflow" scopes
  • Click "Generate token"
Note: make sure your token has no expiration date, else, you will have to update it again after it expired.

4 Add secret into your repository settings

  • After generating your token, copy it (you will not see it again). Then, add it as a repository secret:

  • In your Upptime repository, select "Settings"
  • In the left sidebar, click "Secrets"
  • Press the button "New repository secret"
  • Enter the name of the secret as GH_PAT
  • Paste your personal access token into the Value field
  • Be sure there are no spaces before or after the token and/or linebreaks after your token
  • Save your PAT by selecting "Add secret"

5 Update configuration

The content of .upptimerc.yml

# Change these first
owner: 51sec # Your GitHub organization or username, where this repository lives
repo: up # The name of this repository
  - name: Blog
    url: https://blog.51sec.org
    icon: https://blog.51sec.org/favicon.ico
  - name: WWW
    url: https://www.51sec.org
    icon: https://www.51sec.org/favicon.ico
  - name: ITPROSEC
    url: https://www.itprosec.com
    icon: https://itprosec.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/ITPROSEC-No-Transparent-Icon-Only-small.jpg
  - name: Sites
    url: https://sites.51sec.org
    icon: https://photos.51sec.org/file/test1-51sec/2021/10/sites%20-%20round%20-500.png
  - name: Navigation
    url: https://nav.51sec.org
    icon: https://photos.51sec.org/file/test1-51sec/2021/10/Black%2C%20White%20and%20Yellow%20Lightning%20-%20Round%20corner-350.png
  - name: OneDrive
    url: https://od.51sec.org
    icon: https://photos.51sec.org/file/test1-51sec/2021/10/OneDrive%20OD%2051sec-roundcorner%20-%20Copy.png
  - name: NetSec YouTube Channel
    url: https://www.youtube.com/c/NetSec
    icon: https://image.similarpng.com/very-thumbnail/2020/05/Logo-YouTube-realistic-icon-transparent-PNG.png
  - name: Google DNS
    check: "tcp-ping"
    port: 53
    icon: https://icons.veryicon.com/png/o/application/app-general-icon-01/dns-1.png

  # Add your custom domain name, or remove the `cname` line if you don't have a domain
  # Uncomment the `baseUrl` line if you don't have a custom domain and add your repo name there
  cname: up.51sec.org
  # baseUrl: /your-repo-name
  logoUrl: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/51sec/up/master/assets/up-icon.png
  name: UP
  introTitle: "**UP** monitors 51Sec Websites and servers!"
  introMessage: The monitoring **real-time** data from our [GitHub repository](https://github.com/51sec/up).
  favicon: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/51sec/up/master/assets/up-icon.png
  theme: ocean
  # Available themes are light, dark, night or ocean.
    - title: Status Page
      href: /
    - title: GitHub
      href: https://github.com/$OWNER/$REPO
    - title: 51Sec
      href: https://blog.51sec.org
# Upptime also supports notifications, assigning issues, and more
# See https://upptime.js.org/docs/configuration
  footer: This page is [created]($REPO) @2022-07-01 by [51Sec](www.51sec.org), powered by [Upptime](https://upptime.js.org)
  graphs: "0 */6 * * *"
  responseTime: "10 */6 * * *"
  staticSite: "20 */6 * * *"
  summary: "30 */6 * * *"
  updateTemplate: "0 0 * * *"
  updates: "40 */6 * * *"
  uptime: "*/5 * * * *"

Note: Schedule has changed a bit from original settings. 



  • Freshping - https://youtu.be/dtKEgwAVzKk
  • UptimeRobot - https://youtu.be/Fk5Y3WMqWB0


  • https://github.com/51sec/up
  • https://github.com/upptime/upptime

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