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Monday, May 6, 2024

Free VPS Collections

This post is to collect some Free VPS we can use it with all kinds of limitations.  

Free VPS Posts list


1 Create your account or log in using your existing Github / Gitlab / Bitbucket account

2 Create your workspace. Make sure choose your Github repository, terminal, and large class instance.

3 Change to root user mode

sudo -i

apt install neofetch

root@51net-test-70kj6qi041y:~# neofetch
            .-/+oossssoo+/-.               root@51net-test-70kj6qi041y 
        `:+ssssssssssssssssss+:`           --------------------------- 
      -+ssssssssssssssssssyyssss+-         OS: Ubuntu 22.04.4 LTS x86_64 
    .ossssssssssssssssssdMMMNysssso.       Host: Google Compute Engine 
   /ssssssssssshdmmNNmmyNMMMMhssssss/      Kernel: 6.1.75-060175-generic 
  +ssssssssshmydMMMMMMMNddddyssssssss+     Uptime: 15 hours, 28 mins 
 /sssssssshNMMMyhhyyyyhmNMMMNhssssssss/    Packages: 552 (dpkg) 
.ssssssssdMMMNhsssssssssshNMMMdssssssss.   Shell: bash 5.1.16 
+sssshhhyNMMNyssssssssssssyNMMMysssssss+   Terminal: node 
ossyNMMMNyMMhsssssssssssssshmmmhssssssso   CPU: AMD EPYC 7B13 (16) @ 2.449GHz 
ossyNMMMNyMMhsssssssssssssshmmmhssssssso   Memory: 12897MiB / 64298MiB 

You can also try htop / top / free / lscpu command to get some hardware information. 

4 Billing (Free Plan - 50 hours / Month)

500 credits50 hours of Standard workspace usage.


Free for 20 hours, 4 Parallel Workspaces, and Workspace Timeout in 30 minutes.

Create Workspace using Ubuntu as an example:

Here is how the workspace looks like:

Github Codespace

Stop codespace instance from Repository Code button:


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