Friday, November 8, 2019

CyberArk Quick Operation Handbook

This post is to show some quick steps for regular operation on my home CyberArk lab:

On board CyberArk End User

If you CyberArk has AD integrated, you will need to add this user into proper CybreArk AD group. Usually, you will have three types of CyberArk AD user groups:

  • CyberArk Users
  • CyberArk Auditors
  • CyberArk Admins

Depends on what type of user you will need to add in, you might need to add them into your specific AD group first.

You can check my previous post about CyberArk AD Integration configuration.

Create a safe

Once on board the user, you will need to create his/her personal safe, which will hold all his/her personal privileged accounts.

If you are on boarding a  shared Privileged account, you will need to create/modify your shared safe.

Platform Management

There are two ways to add new platform: 
1. Duplicate existing platforms
2. Import new platforms

Create an account

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