Monday, August 13, 2018

How to Share GCP Images with Other Users and Projects

We always can share Compute Engine images, snapshots, and disks with other users outside of your project or organization. Basically users with read access to those resources can use them to complete operations in other projects and organizations. For example, if you grant a user read access to an image or snapshot in your project, they can use those resources to create persistent disks in their own projects.

Here is detailed steps how to share GCP (Google Cloud Platform) compute engine image cross user accounts and projects.

1. Log into your GCP

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Symantec Diagnostic Tool - SymDiag Usage Guide

The Symantec Diagnostic Tool (SymDiag) is a multi-product, multi-language diagnostic, and security analysis utility. SymDiag is provides self-help support for Symantec product technical issues, zero-day threat analysis, best practice recommendations, and proactive services to customers. If you require further assistance, SymDiag lowers the level of effort and increases efficiency by automating data gathering and support case submission.

SymDiag support most of popular OS including Windows, Linux and Mac. SymDiag supports the following Symantec products:
  • Advanced Threat Protection (Linux)
  • Data Center Security Management Server
  • Data Loss Prevention 11.0 and later
  • Encryption Powered by PGP
  • Endpoint Encryption
  • Endpoint Protection 11.0 and later*
  • Endpoint Protection Small Business Edition (.Cloud)
  • Endpoint Protection Cloud
  • Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange 6.5.2 and later*
  • Messaging Gateway
  • Protection Engine
  • Unified Agent
  • VIP Access

In order to generate a Symantec Endpoint Protection support package. In order to perform this, the following steps must be completed as follows,

n  Download the SymDiag tool from the following URL

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Windows Server 2012 Tips and Tricks

Building a lab to test some Windows services , AD, DNS, DHCP, ADCS, etc. in my VMware ESXi 6 environment, to get it running smoothly and reduce some headache, I used following tricks to make my life easier.

Most of work has to be done by Group Policy Management Editor. If you are running in a domain environment, create this setting accordingly in a GPO, otherwise configure the local GPO (gpedit.msc):

Edit Default Group Policy
Launch Group Policy Management

Friday, July 20, 2018

NSS Labs NGFW Security Value Map Report (2018, 2017, 2016, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011)

The NGFW is the first line of defense to protect against today’s evolving threats and is a critical component of any defense-in-depth strategy.  The NSS Labs NGFW test methodology has evolved from the previous testing to reflect the threat landscape and therefore, this latest testing includes SSL inspection.  This is an important key test factor because most vendors see huge performance impacts when SSL is turned on, preventing them from publishing SSL performance on their datasheets.  With the expanded use of secure sockets layer (SSL)/transport layer security (TLS) in the traffic traversing the modern network, an NGFW must be able to inspect encrypted content. NSS Labs evaluated firewall products with 190 different evasion techniques, more than 2,000 exploit tests and throughput tests.

NSS Labs regularly released NGFW Security Value Map™, Comparative Analysis Reports, and Product Analysis Reports.  These results help guide security professionals in the enterprise to make informed decisions when evaluating the many offerings in the industry.

NSS Labs designed the test to focus on the following four areas:
  •     Security effectiveness
  •     Performance
  •     Stability
  •     Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)


Security Value Map™ Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) April 30, 2018
Products Tested
• Barracuda Networks F600.E20 v6.1.1-071
• Check Point Software Technologies 13800 NGFW Appliance vR77.20
• Cisco ASA 5585-X SSP-60 v5.4.0.3
• Cisco FirePOWER Appliance 8350 v5.4.0.3
• Cyberoam – Cyberoam CR2500iNG-XP v10.6.3
• Dell SonicWALL SuperMassive E10800 SonicOS Enhanced v6.0.1.13-177o
• Forcepoint Stonesoft Next-Generation Firewall 1402 v5.8.5
• Fortinet FortiGate 3200D v5.2.4, build 5069
• Hillstone Networks SG-6000-E5960 v5.5 SG6000-M-2-5.5R1P2.2
• Huawei Technologies USG6650 vV500R001C00SPC010T
• Juniper Networks SRX5400E JUNOS Software Release 12.3X48
• Palo Alto Networks PA-7050 v6.0.11-h1
• WatchGuard Technologies XTM 1525 v11.9.4 build 486684

Friday, July 13, 2018

Check Your Site Vulnerability if Listing on Bounty Site.

As long as your web application published on Internet, one day it will face the hackers scanning. There is no 100% security and you always want to find out the vulnerability first before it can be exploited. There are many bounty programs online to attract hackers to search those vulnerabilities and publish out, also notify web master. Open Bug Bounty is one of them and probably most popular one.

1. Open Bug Bounty Website
Started in June 2014, Open Bug Bounty is a non-profit platform designed to connect security researchers and website owners in a transparent, respectful and mutually valuable manner. Open Bug Bounty’s coordinated vulnerability disclosure platform allows any security researcher reporting a vulnerability on any website as long as the vulnerability is discovered without any intrusive testing techniques and is submitted following responsible disclosure guidelines.

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Sumuri Paladin 7 Forensics Suite Basic Usage

PALADIN is a bootable forensic Linux distribution based on Ubuntu and is developed and provided as a courtesy by SUMURI. The boot process has been modified to assure that the internal or external media of computers and devices are not modified or mounted. PALADIN is available as an ISO which can be used to make a bootable DVD or USB. Once booted, the user will find a host of pre-compiled open-source forensic tools that can be used to perform various tasks.

Boot Sumuri Paladin Live Session into Forensics Mode:
Boot Screen

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Gartner Magic Quadrant for Cloud Infrastructure as a Service (Worldwide) (2018,2017,2016,2015,2014,2013,2012...)

In the context of this Magic Quadrant, cloud compute IaaS (hereafter referred to simply as "cloud IaaS" or "IaaS") is defined as a standardized, highly automated offering, where compute resources, complemented by storage and networking capabilities, are owned by a service provider and offered to the customer on demand. The resources are scalable and elastic in near real time, and metered by use. Self-service interfaces are exposed directly to the customer, including a web-based UI and an API. The resources may be single-tenant or multitenant, and hosted by the service provider or on-premises in the customer's data center. Thus, this Magic Quadrant covers both public and private cloud IaaS offerings.
Gartner's two top leaders, AWS and Microsoft, didn't change for all the time from 2010 to 2018. But Google Cloud Platform has made to leader quadrant this year.