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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Send email out to Internet with a Blat Command

1. install sstunnel from
2. Using a text editor like notepad, make a file containing what's in the text box below. Click the Select text button to highlight the text. Note: Javascript must be enabled for the button to work. Copy the information to your clipboard by right clicking on the highlighted text and selecting Copy. Paste the information into notepad. Note: Be sure that wordwrap is turned OFF. Save the file as "stunnel.conf" (including the quotes if you're using notepad) and place it in the C:\stunnel folder. Note: The quotes prevent notepad from adding .txt to the end of the filename.
client = yes

accept = 119
connect =

accept = 110
connect =

accept = 25
connect =


3. blat

blat 1.txt -to [email protected] -f [email protected] -server -port 25 -u test123 -pw 123465

Blat v2.6.1 w/GSS encryption (build : Nov 18 2006 11:59:59)

Sending 1.txt to [email protected]
Login name is [email protected]
Error: Connection to server was dropped.

4. Check your gmail. Hehe, you will got a email!

Register a new email account which have a smtp server and port should be set as 587

the blat command is like this:

blat 1.txt -to [email protected] -f [email protected] -server -port 587 -u [email protected] -pw 1234567

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