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Blog and Youtube Related Websites & Tools

During working on my blog, there are some helpful websites or tools being used but not listed in previous posts. This post will mostly focus on blogging related tools.
1. Website Speed Test and Monitoring Tools
2. Webmaster Tools
3. Website Analytics Tools
4. Making Money by adding ads
5. Buying Ads from advertiser
6. Plugins
7. Blog Promotion

8. Domain Manager and Registration
9. Free Image Hosting and Sharing Sites
10. Check if Your Website Blocked by GFW in China
11. Website Submission
12. Google Test Tools
13. SEO Tools
14. Free Audio/Video Bloging Tools
15. Free Business Email Hosting
16. Cheap Website Hosting and VPS

There are some other related posts in this blog:

1. Website Speed Test and Monitoring Tools

2. Webmaster Tools

3. Website Analytics Tools

4. Advertising Platform

5. Buying Ads from advertiser

6. Plugins

  • IFTTT - Everything Works better (Blogger to Weebly, Blogger to Wordpress)

7. Blog Promotion

8. Domain Manager and Registration

9. Image / Logo Creating  Hosting 
  • Imgur - Goog one. Using it now. It can be integrated with ShareX for automation.
  • Postimage - free image hosting. I use it a lot. 
  • 聚合图床 - It helps you to upload to multiple cloud websites and provide you one link to have redundancy for your file. 

11. Website Submission
Find list of best free URL submission and website submission sites. Submit your websites to 100's of Sites including search engines.
  • :Free search engine submission and Ping Service. Free URL submission tool will automatically add your URL to several hundreds of different websites that automatically provide free backlinks for you. Each of these sites has been collected in one comprehensive list, and our free tool automates the entire process for you.
  • : Free Web Submission is the source for free search engine submission. Provides webmasters and site owners with free manual and auto submission to the highest-rated, free internet search engines and directories.
  • LinkStation : Free Autoubmit URL to 8000 FFA links pages.
  • : Free Submit Your URL to 1,374 Different Websites.
  • Global Search Engine Submitter : Autoubmit Your Web Site to 65 Major Search Engines.
  • SubmitExpress : Free Search engine autosubmitter to 70+ search engines and directories.
  • : Free website submission to 636 search engines and directories.
  • AddMe : Website submission & registration with 25 search engines.
  • : Submit a URL to Over 130 Search Engines for Free. Free and easy site URL submission to more than 130 search engines.
  • MultiLinks : Submit URL to 200 classified ad sites and 1000 FFA links pages.

12. Google Test Tools

13. SEO Tools

SEO = Search Engine Optimization. It is the optimized process of getting traffic from all kinds of search engines such as google, bing, yahoo.
  • SerpStat is a all-in-one SEO tool that consists of five different modules:Position Tracking, Backlink Analysis, Keyword Research, Site Audit, Competitor Research
  • Moz Open Site Explorer: This free version of Open Site Explorer gives you a limit times to have quick but full look of link analysis.
  • QuickSprout tells you how to make those important changes on your website that will grow your traffic. 
  • Similarweb : FREE version will provide 5 Results Per Metric,  1 Month of Mobile App Data and 3 Months of Web Traffic Data .
  • SeoSiteCheckup runs through a fast audit of your site, checking for proper tags and surfacing any errors that might come up.
  • Top 10 SEO tool
  • http://www.blackhatworld.com黑帽子,blackhat这个词大家都应该熟悉了,这个论坛有好多破解的程序、源码可以给大家用,要善于用搜索功能,毕竟在国外你发个贴要这个要那个程序人家可能不会搭理你,特别是论坛里面本来就有的资源。
  • WebmasterWorld,国外很出名的站长论坛,论坛搜索引擎、seo
  • Digital Point ,主要是讨论博客、seo和网赚

14. Audio/Video Bloging Tools

CC0 (Unrestricted. Publish, share, modify, and commercialize the work without restrictions. No Require Attibution) Music Websites 
  • - Total Uploading Time has limitation
  • TunesToTube  lets you upload MP3s to YouTube - you can also upload WAV and FLAC.
  • Music Maker(官网)由专业的数字音乐制作人推出的免费、可商用音乐配乐素材库. ( Only Universal Music Pack Free is Free - Music Maker grants you a nonexclusive, irrevocable, worldwide copyright license to download, copy, modify, distribute, perform, and use music from Music Maker for free, including for commercial purposes, without permission from or attributing the author or Music Maker.)
  • DOVA-SYNDROME – 利用規約: (It is not necessary to display the copyright and the provision of information when using it, but the right of the sound source is held by the composer/producer of the sound source.)

  • My suggestion: - easy to use and no software installation required. record your cam video , audio and screen. Not able to pause or edit your recording.  no screenshot function. 
  • Fast, free screen recording - Screencast-O-Matic - It can record both WebCam and Screen.  It can be used under non-administrator local/domain account. This design is specially useful when you do not have admin account on your pc.  It does require to install a small software before it can record screens and cameras. There is a watermark at the left bottom corner. Other than that, it works pretty well as a screen recorder
  • FlashBack Express - Record Screen Software. 
  • My Suggestion: Google Chrome plug in - Nimbus Screenshot . Only thing I think it needs to improve is to have ability to record desktop and webcam together. Now, it can only record browser tab with webcam at the same time. 
  • Video Converter (offered by to do this job. 
  • Quick Camera on Macintosh. It has a borderless mode to let Camera screen float on top. (zoom video conference also can do that)

15. Free Business Email Hosting

16. Cheap Website Hosting or VPS (Not good)
  • Hostinger
  • Nexusbytes
  • Buyshared
  • hostkoala
  • hostmantis 

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