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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Checkpoint SPLAT WebUI Error with browsers

Checkpoint SPLAT WebUI brings some crucial features when working on configuration or maintenance, especially for operations. In some certain environment, browser compatibility really bothers me a lot. Here is the envrionment:

SPLAT version R75.40 (but same on R75.20 and R75.30)

1. Chrome

2. IE 8

Some machines I got the following error "You must include webisapi.js in order for webisBrowserSupport.js to work. "

But it is much slower than previous version when it works.

3. Firefox 12 or 7
It shows following error when trying to browse some pages such  as upgrade:
"xslProcessor.transformDocument is not a function".

After did a research from Checkpoint website, I found this: 
00859599If using Firefox 8 or higher for the SecurePlatform WebUI, this error can sometimes show: "xslProcessor.transformDocument is not a function".

So how about Firefox 7, actually, it is same problem.

Then I installed Firefox 4, hah, it works magically. 

Now, I always keep a copy for Firefox 4 installation file , just in case.

Update: Gaia actually doesnot have this issue from my testing. I am working on to upgrade all gateways to R75.40 Gaia version. Unfortunately, Smart-1 is having issue to Gaia. 

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