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Monday, October 1, 2012

NSM Server shows warning when Disk is getting full

Today, when click server status by accident, it shows warning on status. It gives me some worrying about NSM situation. server_1 status is warning on Disk Usage 91%. After checked the system, I found it might relate to Disk since there is another warning on disk column.

Actually it is quite easy to eliminate this warning message on status. Go to Servers tab on the left panel. Double click server_1 and select Disk and Log Management. Change disk limit to make sure 10% minimum disk left before purging. Default setting is only 1G before purging. Potential risk is if current day log is larger than 1G , then server_1 will be shut down automatically since current day log won't be purged.

After applied the changes, wait a couple fo minutes, it shows normal ok status.

The disadvantage for this method is you probably lose some storage (about 25g Hard drive space). If your auditor has requirement to maintain log longer than what your NSM can store, you may has to setup another syslog server or archive it to remote linux box with trusted relationship. More details please refer to the following kb:

KB 22026
KB 9642

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