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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

2015 Check Point’s Annual Security Report

Check Point's released annual security report recently to disclose 2014 security trends and issues that are on the rise or in decline by analyzed their collected event data from three different sources around the world.

Here are some highlights I would like to show in this post:

The Evolution of Malware:


  • New malware increased 71% in 2014 cpmares to 2013
  • 106 unknown malware hit an organization per hour
  • 96% of organizations used at least one high-risk application.
  • 86% of organizations accessed a malicious site.
  • 83% of organizations had existing bot infections.
  • 81% of organizations suffered a data loss incident.
  • 71% increased  in loss of proprietary information over the past three years.
  • 52% of files infected with unknown malware are PDFs
  • 42% of businesses suffered mobile security incidents costing more than $250,000 to remediate.
  • 41% of organizations downloaded at least one infected file with unknown malware

Enterprise Endpoint Vulnerabilities and Misconfigurations:

What Happened in an average day at an enterprise organization: 

  • a host accesses a malicious website per 24s
  • an unknown malware is downloaded per 34s
  • a bot communicates with its command and control center per 1m
  • a high-risk application is used per 5m
  • a known malware is downloaded per 6m
  • sensitive data are sent outside of the organization per 36m

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