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Check Point R80 Public Released to Download - SK108623

Check Point R80 Security Management Server is released on March 31 2016 in SK108623.

R80 Upgrade Verification Service Check Point Community Exchange Point Upgrade/Download Wizard

R80 Downloads


GUI client

Clean Install / Advanced Upgrade for Gaia OS

Complete Management (SmartConsole+Server) installation including all features

Demo version 

Fully working demo version,
with all management components
Available soon

From Check Point upgrade wizard page, the package will be available from Smart-1 205 model and up for new installation.

From download link, we will find Check_Point_R80_Install_and_Advanced_Upgrade_T103.Gaia.iso is a 2880.21MB file. The published date is March 31, 2016.
You will be able to check from upgrade wizard site if you device is able to upgrade or install to this new R80 version.
From what I checked, open server is not updated yet.
Smart-1 205 and up model will have this option.  
Downloading it and will give it try soon.

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