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Monday, November 4, 2019

IBM Guardium v11 Classification - Discover Sensitive Data

Discovery and classification processes become important as the size of an organization grows and sensitive information like credit card numbers and personal financial data propagate to multiple locations. As a result, sensitive data may exist beyond the knowledge of the person who currently owns that data. This is a common yet extremely vulnerable scenario, since you cannot protect sensitive data unless you know it exists.

Sensitive data discovery scenarios span three critical aspects of enterprise security:

  • Discovery: locating the sensitive data that exists anywhere in your environment
  • Protection: monitoring and alerting when sensitive data is accessed
  • Compliance: creating audit trails for reviewing the results of sensitive data discovery processes

The Discover Sensitive Data end-to-end scenario builder streamlines the processes of discovery, protection, and compliance by integrating several Guardium tools into a single user-friendly interface.
In IBM Guardium , the Classification process is an ongoing process that runs periodically.


Discover - Classification

Create New Discovery Scenario

Create a new Classification Rule 

Following is an example to find out all tables including RI word, and also list all columns under found table.


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