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Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Create Your Own Domain's Monitoring Page with Free Freshping Services

Freshping ( a product from Freshworks) provides a Reliable & FREE FOREVER uptime and performance monitoring tool for startups, SMB's, Bloggers, Managed Service providers (MSPs) and DevOps communities. So far, it is most generous free service provider in the market. It also provides a free page which you can customized with your own domain to provide the monitor status to public.

In this post, I am going to show you how to register, add monitor and set up your own domain for your monitor status page. 

Main features:

[June 2024] no further free services provisioning. 

50 Monitors, 1-minute interval, Public status pages, Multi-user login (30 users), Slack/SMS/Email alerts - FREE FOREVER

Free not support SSL well.

Free forever plan : SPROUT featuers

For login to previous created Freshping service, you iwll need to login following sites: 

Existing free account is still valid, but no more support based on banner notificaiton. 



You will get a free subdomain from If you do not have your own domain, this can be used to show your monitor status to public. Most situation, it is enough. 

You will need a domain name to proceed to next step then log in with your username / password, or a google account.

Login and Add Check

You can add 50 checks using http/https, web sockets, ping, tcp, udp or DNS

Create Status Page

The steps are very straightforward. You can create multiple public access page to show certain sites' status.

Use Your Own Domain

You will have two cname verification information to be set in your domain management provider site. In my case, I am using cloudflare as an example to show you how to add those records。

Create two cnames, one for verification, which you can delete it after verified.
Second one is for your own domain to point to site. 

First CNAME record:

Second CNAME record:

Test Page with Your Own Sub-Domain

Final results:

You also can click on each site to drill down to see each day's status. 


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