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Integrate Scaleway 75G Object Storage with NextCloud and ShareX

Scaleway is providing  75GB of free storage and external outgoing transfer to Internet. It is fully compatible with S3 protocol. This should give us an opportunity to mount it into NextCloud as an external storage.

In this post, I am going to describe the steps to integrate Scaleway Object Storage with NextCloud and ShareX together. 

    Previously I have done this similar integration for Backblaze in following post;

    Storage Price from Scaleway Object Storage:

    Type of consumptionPrice

    Data storage

    75 GB free every month

    then €0.0000134/GB/hour or €0.01/GB/month

    Incoming data transfer


    Intra-regional* outgoing data transfer

    to other products from the same region


    Inter-regional* and external outgoing data transfer

    to other products from a different region and the Internet

    75 GB free every month

    then €0.01/GB

    Fee per request


    Archiving objects

    Object Storage (Standard) → C14 Cold Storage (Glacier)


    You also can find pricing from Scaleway website for other services provided by them.

    Generate A New Scaleway API Key

    1  Sign Up an Account. 

    2  Generate a new API Key from Credential Page for NextCloud.

    3  Get Access Key and Secret key

    4  Create a Bucket in Object Storage and Check Bucket Settings

    Make share your bucket visibility is Public.

    You will need following information:
    • Bucket Endpoint

    5  Upload one photo into your bucket and get public link
    For example, I got following public link from a phone under folder photos:

    NextCloud Configuration

    1  Add a AmazonS3 external Storage from Administration -> External storage page.

    2  Enable Sharing on this external storage

    ShareX Configuration for NextCloud

    1  Configure Destination Settings for ownCloud/NextCloud. 

    2  Change Image Uploader destination to ownCloud/NextCloud. 

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