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NSM Shows License Validation Exception even with new license added in.

SRX license expired yesterday, log into support site and renewed new license and added it into SRX. But NSM still shows 'Attack/Detector Update License Validation Exception'

On SRX Device, system shows license has been added:
admin@FW-SRX-1> show system license 
License usage: 
                                 Licenses     Licenses    Licenses    Expiry
  Feature name                       used    installed      needed 
  idp-sig                               0            1           0    2014-08-29 20:00:00 EDT
  dynamic-vpn                           0            2           0    permanent
  ax411-wlan-ap                         0            2           0    permanent
  logical-system                        0            1           0    permanent

Licenses installed: 
  License identifier: JUNOS100000
  License version: 2
  Valid for device: AG4511AA0000
    idp-sig          - IDP Signature
      date-based, 2013-08-29 20:00:00 EDT - 2014-08-29 20:00:00 EDT

At NSM, try to update device attack database:

NSM shows license validation exception error:


Reboot NSM.

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