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Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Tycotic DevOps Secrets Vault (DSV)


Thycotic’s DevOps Secrets Vault is a high velocity vault that centralizes secrets management, enforces access, and provides automated logging trails. This cloud-based solution is platform agnostic and designed to replace hard-coded credentials in applications, micro-services, DevOps tools, and robotic process automation. This vault ensures IT, DevOps and Security teams the speed and agility needed to stay competitive without sacrificing security.


DevOps Secrets Vault is deployed as an API-as-a Service. Organizations can sign-up and create their first secrets in minutes with no infrastructure to manage or maintain.

Key Features

Free Version and Quickstart

Thycotic offers a feature-complete, non-time-limited free version of DevOps Secrets Vault that supports up to 250 Secrets and 2500 API calls a month.

Signing up for the free version is the first step in getting a DevOps Secrets Vault tenant even if you plan to upgrade to a paid plan immediately.

To get started with guided help, go to the Quick Start section.

When you are ready to begin your trial, head here to sign-up for a free tenant: DevOps Secrets Vault Free and download the CLI here: DevOps Secrets Vault CLI


OpenAPI Reference

Quick Links (https://docs.thycotic.com/dsv/1.0.0/quick-links)

Thycotic Links

DSV Product Home Page
Thycotic Support Portal Login Page to get PIN for email or phone support
DSV CLI Executables Download Page
DSV API Documentation
Thycotic Github Page (SDKs and Plug-ins)

Third-Party Downloads

jq Library for filtering JSON results
Linux pass
Windows Credential Manager
Azure User Assigned MSI

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