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My Basic List For Windows System OS and Common Software

There are always some questions asking where to find out system OS image and tools to install on a computer. In this post, I am summarizing all tools I am using to install on my computers. Most are already very commonly used. This post is for basic tools. I will keep updating with some alternatives for those tools. The tools are mostly open source or free for personal use. If there is no better one found, I might put some business software here. 

Usually you can follow the link to original website to download or you might find a link  from other online storage disk to download. 

If there is any better suggestion, please leave a comment and I will give it a try to see if I should replace it in this list. This list will be constantly updated. Here are two posts link for basic and advanced lists. 

OS Image

PE Image


    File Manager / Searching


        System Cleanup / Uninstall

        Zip/Unzip Tools

        • 7z
        • WinRAR
        • WinZip

        Video Player

        • Potplayer

        Image Viewer / Processer

        • 光影魔术手


        Email Client

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