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Thursday, November 3, 2011

SecureXL Vs CoreXL Vs ClusterXL (Some Checkpoint Terms)

From Checkpoint Sites:

"SecureXL: Security acceleration
Patented SecureXL is a technology interface that accelerates multiple, intensive security operations, including operations that are carried out by Check Point's Stateful Inspection firewall. Using SecureXL, the firewall offloads operations to a performance-optimized software or hardware device, dramatically increasing throughput.
More details from this post.

CoreXL: Multicore acceleration
As the first security technology to fully leverage general-purpose multi-core processors, CoreXL introduces advanced core-level load balancing that increases throughput for the deep inspection required to achieve intrusion prevention and high throughput on the firewall. With CoreXL, high performance and high security can be achieved simultaneously.

Efficient Use Multiple CPU Cores—CoreXL

CoreXL is the first security technology to fully leverage general-purpose multi-core processors. It introduces advanced load balancing to boost throughput for the deep inspection required to achieve integrated IPS on the firewall. The increased processing capability in multiple cores allows networks to have high performance as well as a high level of security.

When CoreXL technology is activated, it immediately assigns one or more cores that are performing SecureXL acceleration to also act as directors for traffic. The other cores are designated to run instances of IPS and Firewall on each core. 

For example, if an appliance contains two quad-core processors, two cores will perform SecureXL acceleration and direct traffic to the other six cores that run IPS and Firewall instances. The cores acting as directors have two main functions. First, it makes the initial security decisions whether this traffic can be accelerated by SecureXL. Second, it assigns traffic to a core to handle additional security inspection if needed.

ClusterXL: Smart Load Balancing
ClusterXL provides high availability and load sharing that keeps businesses running without interruption. ClusterXL distributes traffic between clusters of redundant gateways, combining the computing capacity of multiple machines to increase total throughput. In the event of a gateway or network failure, connections are seamlessly redirected to a designated backup, maintaining business continuity.



SPLAT Pro - Dynamic Routing support, Multicast support, Radius Authentication for SPLAT Admins.
Cluster XL Load Sharing - Allows Active | Active clustering out of the box. By default SPLAT only allows Active | Passive clustering. Active | Active (load sharing) mode needs a license.
CoreXL - SPLAT does not take advantage of multiple cores unless you add the CoreXL license, which is dependent upon the number of CPU's / cores you are running.
SecureXL - Packet acceleration

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