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Friday, October 12, 2012

How to gracefully shutdown network devices

1. Checkpoint Firewall
a. Gaia
command line : halt

2. Avocent Console Server
a. ACS5000
login as root user with default password avocent
then halt

b. ACS6000

--:- / cli->
add                    help                   scp
cd                     hostname               set
clone_ports            list_configuration     set_cas
commit                 ls                     set_dial-in
delete                 opiepasswd             set_power
disable_ports          passwd                 shell
echo                   pwd                    show
edit                   quit                   shutdown
enable_ports           reboot                 upgrade_firmware
exit                   reset_port_to_factory  whoami
factory_defaults       restore_configuration  wiz
finish                 revert
ftp                    save_configuration
--:- / cli-> shutdwon

Error: Invalid command: shutdwon
--:- / cli-> shutdown
Shutdown to turn off the appliance.
Are you sure you want to shutdown the appliance? (yes, no)  : yes
--:- / cli->
Broadcast message from root (Thu Aug 16 03:16:22 2018):

The system is going down to maintenance mode NOW!

3. Juniper SRX firewalls
request system pwer-off

4. Cisco Switches and Routers
If there is power switch, just turn it off. Or unplug power cord.

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