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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

TekRADIUS Usage for AD Authentication

TekRADIUS is a RADIUS software which can be easily integrated with AD. I have tested on one of pc , which even it is not in the domain. But AD authentication is still working, but not with group property.
Here are some configuration settings:

I set up two groups. One is admin group with privilege 15. Another is admin-read group.
 Authentication-Method, I select Active Directory with server ip
 Clients is default, which means any. Secret is cisco.
 Please make sure Vendor ID 42214 kaplansoft is in this dictionary editor. The version I download from website is not including this. I requested it from the discussion board.
 Authentication port is set to 1812 and Accounting port is 1645. debug logging is for troubleshooting, although not too much info in there.

Configuration on the Radius Clients:
1. Checkpoint SmartDashboard: host_mgmt_1 is the RADIUS server ip address.
Create a new administrator with exactly same name as your AD account. Of course please choose authentication method as RADIUS.

2. Juniper NSM:

Similar as checkpoint configuration. Create a new authentication nserver then add a same ad name account with Remote authenticated.


  1. Please help me out on how to configure Ubiquiti Nano device using tekradius. I tried everything but it associated and dissociated. Help me with simple configuration settings to try. Thanks look forward for your help

    1. I am not familiar with Ubiquiti Nano device. But usually TekRadius Manual and log files should help. If not, I would suggest to use other Radius software to give it a try.