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Monday, June 1, 2015

Cisco ASAv 9.4.1 and ASDM 7.4.1 in Workstation / ESXi (1)

Cisco released ASA Software Version 9.4(x) on March 2015. Thre are some new features from release note in the Cisco website. I am going to give it a try to add it into my testing environment using Vmware workstation or ESXi. Some old ASA versions have been tested in my previous posts:
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Download ASA v 9.4.1

Here are some download links we could find from Internet.
1. Cisco Software Download Site

2. from (Link has been removed)

Problems when importing into Vmware Workstation / ESXi

1. Using OVA file

But When tried to open in the workstation, there is error which says "Line 264: Unsupported element 'Property'."

Tried again in ESXi 5.5, File -> Deploy OVF Template ...
But it seems same error message when tried to open downloaded asav941.ova file.
The OVF package requires support for OVF Properties
Line 264: Unsupported element 'Property'.

2. Using vmdk File

I thought I may use vmdk's file to add them into workstation or ESXi. I did find a vmware package from with following files:

Unfortunately, it does not boot properly into configuration mode. Eventually it will dip into a reboot loop. Captured screenshots with my testing in Vmware workstation and ESXi show all steps below:

2.1. Opened in the Vmware Workstation

 2.2. Since my Vmware Workstation host does not support VT-x, it will not be able to power on.

2.3. Workstation Connect to ESXi

2.4. Upload workstation vm into ESXi. That was successful

2.5. ESXi vm's configuraiton

 2.6. It got into a rebooting loop.

Cause and Solutions:

Please check my next post - "Cisco ASAv 9.4.1 and ASDM 7.4.1 in Workstation / ESXi (2)".


  1. Hey man, I want to download it from Baidu cloud, but I found that a password that I need to input before I download it.Would you please share the one-time password for me?

    My QQ ID:69712037

    1. Thanks for your visiting and asking. here are codes I found online. Hopefully it is still working.

      Cisco ASAv 9.4.1 and ASDM 7.4.1 -

      please use arabic number to replace 二.

    2. Your are the man! Thanks a lot for your help.

    3. is this link active? Is 二 = 2 ?

    4. no the link is not valid anymore. But your guess is right.

  2. Hey Mate, thanks for such a nice post, I have the same issue where my ASAv is going to a rebooting loop, can you please advise , how to fix that ? Also not sure about licensing if there is any way to get a temp license ?


    1. Please check my next post "Cisco ASAv 9.4.1 and ASDM 7.4.1 in Workstation / ESXi (2)"

      You will not need a license for your personal testing. Until you install a license, throughput is limited to 100 Kbps for your vASA.

    2. Hope somebody can find a way to get a temp license for learning. Limited throughput is not convenient for us to test the application.

  3. This link doesn't work anymore, could you upload again please?

    1. It has been removed. Cisco download website will be your best choice.