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Install Vulture WAF Cluster in VMWare Workstation

Vulture WAF Modules and Engines

Web Application Firewall modules:
1. Clustered mod_security, using hiredis [blacklisting]
2. mod_defender, aka "Naxsi for Apache2" [whitelisting]
3. mod_svm [machine learning]

Filtering Engine:

Client  <--> FreeBSD pf  <-->  Apache httpd  <----> following filters :
1. IP Reputation (Immediate Block)
2. Geo IP (Immediate Block)
3. mod_vulture (Authentication & SSO)
4. mod_defender (Request scoring ++)
5. mod_security (Request scoring ++)
6. mod_svm (Request scoring ++)


Installation Steps

1. Downloading:
2. Double click downloaded ova file to import into VMWare workstation

For Cluster Primary node vul1: 
3. Start VM 
4. Log in Vulture with username/password: vlt-adm/vlt-adm 
5. type 'admin' to start configuration tool, 
6. set up network config (static ip, change hostname vul1,  
7. exit from 'admin'. 
8. execute "sudo /home/vlt-adm/gui/" and create an account for Web GUI interface. For example: admin / [email protected]
9. Open Web browser 
10. Log in with created Web GUI account, such as admin / [email protected]

For Cluster Secondary node vul2:
11. Same process for second node to log in, admin->change to static ip, change hostname to vul2
12. restart vul2 via admin->root shell-> 'reboot' or "shutdown -r now"

Web GUI Overview









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