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Intreresting WordPress Plug-in Introduction

Encrypt WordPress with a plugin

First of all, we recommend to you a WordPress plugin- My Private Site , which is a plugin specially used to encrypt WordPress, which can restrict access very easily.

After installing the plugin, select Settings – Private Site
Check the Private Site option to encrypt the entire WordPress site

My Private Site

Only the logged-in user can access the website after encryption, and other people will automatically jump to the login page.

This method is highly recommended for newbies and users who use virtual hosting, it is simple and easy to use

If you use WordPress built with Pagoda Panel, then the encryption will be very simple. Pagoda Panel has a built-in website encryption function.

Open the setting options of the corresponding website in the pagoda panel and select the website directory
Turn on password access and set a strong password that only you know

Pagoda Set Website Password Access

When you visit the website again, you will see the following password box. Only enter the correct account and password before you can continue to access

Website needs to enter account password to access

This method can cooperate with the Private Site plug-in above to achieve double encryption

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