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Monday, May 4, 2020

Build a Serverless Bookmark/Dashboard Website Use Cloudflare Worker

CloudFlare Worker is a serverless application provided by CloudFlare. There is a free version that can be used to test free js scripts. Previously, I have created a proxy website and Google Drive directory listing website. Now I am trying to build a free website bookmark website using a github's project, CF-Worker-Dir.

System installation

Quick Installation steps 

  1. Create a new worker on the Cloudflare Worker management page .
  2. Worker left in the edit page Paste index.jscode.
  3. According to their need to modify the configuration content
  4. Save and deploy
  5. Create a domain record for your new bookmark website. 
  6. Add a new worker route to map to new created workers. 

Advanced steps (Options)

How to bind it with your own subdomain

  1. After completed quick installation steps,go back to your Cloudflare domain management console
  2. Click Workers to enter Workers management page
  3. Click Add route to create a new route
  4. Route : you can enter your own subdomain for your route. If you would like to use your root domain, you can directly enter it,Worker: choose the Worker created from previous step to bind with your own subdomain.

Route's subdomain must has a corresponding A record created to be able to be resolved. If it has been to creaet a A record to map to an IP address, you can enter as IP address when createing it:)


  • Categories / Sections
  • Auto-fetch favicon
  • Selling ads
  • Hitokoto - one sentence note
  • No server / service required
  • Fast and free using Cloudflare workers
  • Configuration / Data in configuration

Demo site and screenshots

Demo site1:
Demo site2:

Here is the result how it looks like:

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