Portals for other workloads

While these portals are not specifically for managing security, they support various workloads and tasks that can impact your security. Visit these portals to manage identities, permissions, device settings, and data handling policies.

Portal nameDescriptionLink
Azure portalView and manage all your Azure resourcesportal.azure.com
Azure Active Directory portalView and manage Azure Active Directoryaad.portal.azure.com
Microsoft Purview compliance portalManage data handling policies and ensure compliance with regulationscompliance.microsoft.com
Microsoft 365 admin centerConfigure Microsoft 365 services; manage roles, licenses, and track updates to your Microsoft 365 servicesadmin.microsoft.com
Microsoft Endpoint Manager admin centerUse Microsoft Endpoint Manager to manage and secure devices using combined Intune and Configuration Manager capabilitiesdevicemanagement.microsoft.com
Microsoft Intune portalUse Microsoft Intune to deploy device policies and monitor devices for complianceendpoint.microsoft.com