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Thursday, May 11, 2023

Oracle Cloud Cleaning Up Idle Compute Instances & How to Keep it - NeverIdle & LookBusy

Recently some Oracle Cloud Free Tier users received a email regarding their compute instances identified as idle. And the those identified idle instances will be stopped in one week. Also Orcle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) suggested to convert the account to Pay As You Go (PAYG) to avoid stopping. 

Here is the email content from Reddit

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Customer,

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) will be reclaiming idle Always Free compute resources from Always Free customers. Reclaiming idle resources allows OCI to efficiently provide services to Always Free customers. Your account has been identified as having one or more compute instances that have been idle for the past 7 days. These idle instances will be stopped one week from today, January 30,2023. If your idle Always Free compute instance is stopped, you can restart it as long as the associated compute shape is available in your region. You can keep idle compute instances from being stopped by converting your account to Pay As You Go (PAYG). With PAYG, you will not be charged as long as your usage for all OCI resources remains within the Always Free limits.


Nov 15 2022, a new announcement regarding idle resources might subject stopping were added into OCI website. 

从 2022 年 11 月 24 日开始,您闲置的 Always Free 计算实例可能会停止。 详细了解此过程以及如何重启您的实例。 您还可以随时升级您的帐户以避免中断。

仅限未付费的免费套餐帐户。Idle Always未付费免费套餐帐户的免费资源可以随时回收,恕不另行通知。回收包括停止或终止等操作。

Nov 19 2022, this announcement disappeared

Idle Compute Instances threshold was 10% at the beginning of 2023:


Reclamation of Idle Compute Instances

Idle Always Free compute instances may be reclaimed by Oracle. Oracle will deem virtual machine and bare metal compute instances as idle if, during a 7-day period, the following are true:

  • CPU utilization for the 95th percentile is less than 10%
  • Network utilization is less than 10%
  • Memory utilization is less than 10% (applies to A1 shapes only)

On April 19, 2023, the threshold increased to 15% for Idle Compute Instances

Reclamation of Idle Compute Instances

Idle Always Free compute instances may be reclaimed by Oracle. Oracle will deem virtual machine and bare metal compute instances as idle if, during a 7-day period, the following are true:

  • CPU utilization for the 95th percentile is less than 15%
  • Network utilization is less than 15%
  • Memory utilization is less than 15% (applies to A1 shapes only)

Based on what I am reading, it will need all those conditions met to make your free tier instances subject to be stopped. Unfortunately, there are no more details or explaination coming out. Strongly suggest free tier users to upgrade to Pay As You Go plan since all free tier resources will not be charged after you upgraded, but your idle resources will not subject to this stopping. 

Unfortunately not all free users will be able to upgrade to PAYG easily. You might get following error messages

"We're unable to complete your request. Common errors are due to: (a) Using prepaid cards. Oracle only accepts credit card and debit cards (b) Intentionally or unintentionally masking one's location or identity (c) Entering incomplete or inaccurate account details. Please try again if this applies to you. Otherwise, contact Oracle Customer Service."

If that is a case, here are some methods found online which might help to keep your idle computing resources in Oracle Cloud. But there is no guarantee those will work. I will keep an eye on the Internet regarding how effective they are. 

NeverIdle Github Project Method - Optional

NeverIdle - Github project:


1 install dependencies

You might need to install wget and screen those two applications:

Based on your OS ,  this is command

  • yum install -y wget screen
  • apt install -y wget screen

2 Download script

# AMD Server

  • wget -O NeverIdle

# ARM Server

  • wget -O NeverIdle

3 Change file permission

  • chmod 777 NeverIdle

4 Run Command

  • screen -R baohuo
Command Explaination:

./NeverIdle -c 2h1m2s -m 2 -n 4h

-c : for cpu consumption. every 2 hour 1 minute 2 second (format is 2h1m2s), it will waste CPU once

-m : enable memory occupation. 2 means 2GB

-n : execute once to waste network for Ookla Speed Test. It will show the output on your screen.

5 Detaching and Reattaching screen session

To detach from screen and leave the window running in the background, use the keystroke:

Detach: Ctrl + a + d

Reattach: screen -r

Other screen commands:

  • Ctrl + a and c – Open a new screen window.
  • Ctrl + a and " – List all open windows.
  • Ctrl + a and 0 – Switch to window 0 (or any other numbered window).
  • Ctrl + a and A – Rename the current window.
  • Ctrl + a and S - Split the screen horizontally, with the current window on top.
  • Ctrl + a and | - Split the screen vertically, with the current window on the left.
  • Ctrl + a and tab – Switch focus between areas of the split screen.
  • Ctrl + a and Ctrl + a – Switch between current and previous windows.
  • Ctrl + a and n – Switch to the next window.
  • Ctrl + a and p – Switch to the previous window.
  • Ctrl + a and Q – Quit all other windows except the current one..
  • Ctrl + a and X – Lock the current window.
  • Ctrl + a and H – Create a running log of the session.
  • Ctrl + a and M – Monitor a window for output (a notification pops up when that window has activity).
  • Ctrl + a and _ - Watch a window for absence of output (such as when a file finishes downloading or a compiler finishes).

Issue with Neveridle project

Here is one issue I met when I tried to run it in this schedule: 

./NeverIdle -c 0h31m2s

After around one week, I got this "counter overflow" panic error. Probably this script will still need a bit tuning. 
  • .....(omitted) [CPU] Successfully wasted on 2023-02-11 03:27:30.720672124 +0000 UTC m=+472956.791431450 [CPU] Successfully wasted on 2023-02-11 03:58:32.804538037 +0000 UTC m=+474818.875297404 [CPU] Successfully wasted on 2023-02-11 04:29:34.814400539 +0000 UTC m=+476680.885159905 [CPU] Successfully wasted on 2023-02-11 05:00:36.893766288 +0000 UTC m=+478542.964525624 panic: chacha20: counter overflow goroutine 1030 [running]:*Cipher).XORKeyStream(0xc0000c6160?, {0xc00010e000?, 0x0?, 0x0?}, {0xc00010e000?, 0x0?, 0x0?})[email protected]/chacha20/chacha_generic.go:218 +0x408 main.WasteCPU.func1() NeverIdle/cpu.go:30 +0x48 created by main.WasteCPU NeverIdle/cpu.go:28 +0x1e5 root@ubuntu1:~#

Other Methods to Keep Your Idle Resources


Shell Scripts

  • curl -o && chmod +x && ./
  • or
  • wget -O && chmod +x && ./


lookbusy - Installation is at next section

  • lookbusy -c 50 # 占用所有 CPU 核心各 50%
  • lookbusy -c 50 -n 2 # 占用两个 CPU 核心各 50%
  • lookbusy -c 50-80 -r curve # 占用所有 CPU 核心在 50%-80% 左右浮动
  • lookbusy -c 0 -m 128MB -M 1000 # 每 1000 毫秒,循环释放并分配 128MB 内存
  • lookbusy -c 0 -d 1GB -b 1MB -D 10 # 每 10 毫秒,循环进行 1MB 磁盘写入,临时文件不超过 1GB


Calculate Pi

  • nohup echo "scale=99999999;4*a(1)" | bc -lq > /dev/null &
  • nohup cpulimit -l 30 -p 22489 >/dev/null &
  • scale那个代表小数点后的位数,数越大计算时间越长
  • -l 那里可以控制cpu使用率0-200
  • -p 那里写程序的PID,通过top命令查找,或者 ps -aux | grep bc


Install Lookbusy - Recommended

Here are code to get Lookbusy compiled and installed
apt -y update
apt -y install curl build-essential
curl -L -o lookbusy-1.4.tar.gz
tar -xzvf lookbusy-1.4.tar.gz
cd lookbusy-1.4/
make install

Create a new lookbusy systemd service:

systemctl edit --full --force lookbusy.service

service configuration

Description=lookbusy service
ExecStart=/usr/local/bin/lookbusy -c 20 -m 5120MB

Parameters: -c is for cpu percet usage,-m is for memory usage. You will need to change this accordingly. 

Start the service right away and put lookbusy servce also started when system booted:

systemctl enable --now lookbusy.service

Make the cpu running between 5% and 20% randomly. 
  • screen -R lookbusy
  • lookbusy -c 5-25 -r curve
  • ctrl+a+d

root@ubuntu-docker-1:~/lookbusy-1.4# lookbusy -c 5-20 -r curve
cpu_spin (14166): starting 2 spinner(s) for 5%-20% usage
lookbusy (14166): CPU spinner started, PID 14167
lookbusy (14166): CPU spinner started, PID 14168
cpu_spin (14168): measuring CPU
cpu_spin (14167): measuring CPU
cpu_spin (14168): est. 5% util at 12266928 cycles, 95000 usec sleep
cpu_spin (14167): est. 5% util at 11876484 cycles, 95000 usec sleep

Here is how screen session looks like now:

root@ubuntu-docker-1:~/lookbusy-1.4# screen -ls
There are screens on:
        14354.pts-0.ubuntu-docker-1     (05/07/23 21:18:44)     (Attached)
        14136.lookbusy  (05/07/23 21:17:21)     (Detached)
        3935.baohuo     (05/07/23 20:42:26)     (Detached)
3 Sockets in /run/screen/S-root.

Please tune your loadbusy settings to get nice curve in your CPU usage and try to avoid maximize your CPU usage too high to 100%.

Here is the nice CPU usage diagram I am having now. One of my docker VM's lookbusy CPU parameter is set to 5-20 and the CPU usage is shown as below diagram, but it might be 10-25 if your VM is having nothing else running. 

Another real time monitoring status page which shows how this look busy program affecting your CPU :

Long Term Live Resource Usage Demo Site:
    • You can set the date at least 30 days to see how CPU and RAM used. 

Install Lookbusy Docker


Update system and install softwares

apt update -y  && apt upgrade -y && apt install -y curl wget sudo socat

Install docker

curl -fsSL | sh

Install script:

docker run -itd --name=lookbusy --restart=always \
    -e TZ=Asia/Shanghai \
    -e CPU_UTIL=10-20 \
    -e CPU_CORE=1 \
    -e MEM_UTIL=15 \


- CPU_UTIL=10-20 # CPU占用,单位%,不可省略,支持固定值或范围

- CPU_CORE=1 # CPU占用核心数,不指定默认跑全核,出现CPU打满的情况可以指定为1核

- MEM_UTIL=15 # 内存占用,单位%,不跑内存可省略

- SPEEDTEST_INTERVAL=120 # 网络测速间隔,单位分钟,不跑网络可省略

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