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Friday, August 9, 2013

F5 Big-IP 2500 Appliance System Initial Configuration

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1. Use a DB9 null modem cable to connect to Console Port :
Bits per second [baud]19200
Data bits8
Stop bit1
Flow controlNone
note: Set baud rate first then power on your device. Else you may get messed text code in your terminal window as I got.

2. log in with following account:

Here is a video shows how to do F5 command configuration.

3. Change Management IP from default 192.168.1.x/24 to your management zone ip

root@(localhost)(cfg-sync Standalone)(NO LICENSE)(/)(tmos.sys)# delete /sys management-ip
root@(localhost)(cfg-sync Standalone)(NO LICENSE)(/)(tmos.sys)# create /sys management-ip

note: modify command doesnot work with this object

4. Access configuration web gui interface by https

5. Login with default username and password : admin/admin

6. Start to activate F5 appliance license

7. After activated license:

8. Setup Utility Complete
goto network -> configsync click finished to complete whole setup process.

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