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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Cisco Active Advisor - CAA

Cisco Active Advisor is a free online cloud service that automates network discovery and analysis of your network inventory. Cisco Active Advisor reduces the overall risk of your network administration by keeping you up-to-date on:

  • Warranty and service contract status
  • Product advisories, including Product Security Incident Response Teams (PSIRTs) and field notices
  • End-of-life milestones for hardware and software
Cisco Active Advisor log in with your Cisco CCO account:

Main Interface includes following buttons:

  • Add Devices
  • View Devices
  • Tools
  • Switching Health
  • Wireless Health
  • Security Health

If it is your first time to log in, you will need to scan your network to add devices. You can choose three different ways to do that:
  • Web Scanner
  • Desktop Scanner
  • Upload from file

This is the web scanner interface. You will need to enter the scanning scope, username, password, snmp information. 

Following screenshots are captured from Desktop Scanner. 
Eventually, you will get all your devices with many advisories from Cisco. 


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