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Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection Manager: CyberArk PSM Connection Configuration Guide

You can download RDCM here:
To integrate RDCM with CyberArk PSM, it requires some configuration changes on RDP file object. 

This post lists least step you will need to follow to get RDCM working with PSM. 

Configuration Steps

1.       In RDP Connection Manager, highlight your RDP File object and select Add Server…

2.       Configure the Server Settings tab:
2.1.   Populate the Server name field with the text {PSM-Server-Hostname}
2.2.   Enter a friendly name of your choice in the Display name field.

3.       Configure the Connection Settings tab:
3.1.   Uncheck the Inherit from parent checkbox.
3.2.   Populate the Start program field with this string as shown in the sample screenshot below:
psm /u {Priv_Account_Name}@51Sec-ITPROSEC /a {Server_Name} /c PSM-RDP
            {Priv_Account_Name} = The username of the privileged account as defined in CyberArk; ie. MyUsernameAdmin
            {Server_Name} = The shortname of the server name as resolvable via DNS; ie.  PrintServer

Optional Steps

4.      Configure the Logon Credentials tab as shown in the sample screenshot below:
4.1.   Uncheck the Inherit from parent checkbox
4.2.   Enter your non-privileged AD account username in the User name field
4.3.   Enter the text 51Sec-ITPROSEC in the Domain field

When you click to connect, you will enter the password for your non-privileged AD account.


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