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Sunday, February 23, 2020

Download Web Video Without Third Party Tools

This is a method I found online and helped me to download videos in For example, there is a URL:
1. Open web page in Chrome.

2. Press F12 or click "检查" (Inspect ctrl + shift + I) on the video screen. An additional window will appear. Divide the original web page window into two and find the Network option on the new window.

3. Play the video you want to download from the webpage, and a lot of content will be displayed below the new window. This is the legendary m3u8 video stream.
4. Select the file starting with the first number. This is the address that can be used for downloading. Right-click and select Copy link address in Copy to copy. The URL will look like this:

Or enter "vzuu" in the box, vzuu is the hostname of the video website, and the link bar will be filtered below.
Some links with Type of media will be displayed below. Find the appropriate link and download it with the download software. You can also open the copied video link address in another browser window and click the three dots in the upper right -More tools-Save the webpage as, you can download it.
Many websites can download it in this way, use the Media type to identify the link, and then download it.

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