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Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Create IPSec Site to Site VPN Between Palo Alto and Fortigate Firewalls

This post is to record all steps to configure a ipsec site to site IPSec VPN tunnel between Palo Alto Firewall and Fortigate Firewall,


 Online Updated Diagram:

PNG image for the diagram:

Configure Basic settings of Palo Alto Firewall 

More details can be found from following posts: 

1 Download Palo Alto Image

2 Import Image and Configure VM

3 Connect to Mgmt Interface

4 Configure Internal/Internet interfaces.

5  Configure Security Zone and Virtual Router

6  Configure Security policy and NAT

7  Test

Configure Basic settings of Fortigate Firewall 

More details can be found from this post:

1 Download VM image

2 Import into VMWare Workstation lab environment

3 Configure static ip and http access for mgmt interface and using HTTP to connect to mgmt interface

4 Config LAN/WAN/DMZ interfaces

5 Config basic security policy and nat

6 Test

Configure VPN tunnel in Palo Alto Firewall 


1 Create IKE Crypto Profile

2 Create IPSec Crypto Profile

3 Create IKE Gateway

Assign your IKE Crypto profile to your IKE Gateway

4 Create tunnel interface

You do not have to assign an ip address for your tunnel interface. But if assigned, it can be used to monitor tunnel. 

5 Create IPSec Tunnel

6 Virtual Router Static Route configuration

Depends on how you routing your traffic, after you add your tunnel interface into your virtual router, you might need to create a couple static routes.

7 Create security policy rule to allow VPN networks to access each other.

Configure VPN tunnel in Fortigate Firewall 


1 Go to VPN section, choose IPsec Tunnels and click Create New IPsec Tunnel

2 Start VPN setup. Put name, choose template type, if need NAT, and select remote device type

3 Configure Authentication method and remote gateway information

4 Choose local ip segment and configure remote ip segment. This traffic will be your interest traffic which will be sent to VPN tunnel.

5 Review and create tunnel configuration

VPN Template Details for phase 1 and phase 2

You can edit VPN tunnel details to change phase 1 and phase 2 encryption and authentication information.
Note: Trial license only has DES for encryption, not 3DES and AES. 

6 Fortigate VPN Wizard will auto-generate tunnel interface, static route to tunnel, and policy rule to allow traffic between vpn networks.



On Fortigate, 

check IPsec Tunnel status:

Check Log & Report - Events - VPN Events

On Palo Alto:


Part 1 - Basic Settings:

IPSec VPN Tunnel Setup:

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