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Sunday, May 26, 2024

Best Free Online Video Recording App: Record Computer Screen From Your Browser, No Limitation

If you want to record a computer screen, you usually need to use screen recording software. For most users, similar tools may be rarely used in daily work or life. In fact, the browser itself can enable the recording function to record the screen on the computer. Whether you want to capture web pages, applications or game screens, there is no problem. The most important thing is that there is no need to download or install additional software, and it is more convenient to operate, such as the previously recommended VimeoRecord , , and Google Admin Toolbox also provides a screen recorder .

This article will introduce the SurFlex free online recording tool , which is also one of the products of Nabla Mind . This company also has screen recording software for Windows and Mac. However, the main feature of the SurFlex online recording tool is that it does not require downloading or installing any software. The browser can record the screen image, and at the same time add the webcam, microphone or system sound . The recorded image is very clear, has no watermark and has no time limit.


In comparison, the SurFlex online recording tool does not have many customization functions. If you need advanced functions, you may consider installing software, such as setting the video format to be saved. However, the online tool can meet your recording needs and is not difficult to operate. , it is still very useful when you need to record computer screen occasionally.

SurFlex online video recording tool

Three reasons why it’s worth a try:

  • No need to download or install any software, you can record the screen directly on the browser
  • Supports recording screen, webcam, microphone or system sound
  • The recorded videos have no watermarks and no recording time limit at all.


1 Open the SurFlex free online recording tool. The default option is the " Record Screen " function. You can check the screen to match the network camera, microphone or system sound, click " Start Recording ", and allow the browser to access the recording screen and audio permissions. Recording is possible.

2 Click " Record Webcam " above to switch to the mode where the input Webcam screen is the main screen and the microphone records sound.

3 The first time you use a similar tool, you may be asked for permission. For example, the browser on a Mac will need to allow the browser to record the computer's screen content and audio from the " Privacy and Security " settings. Follow the prompts. 

The screen recording function of the browser will ask you to view the screen content. You can choose pagination, application window or the entire screen. After selecting, there is an option at the bottom whether you want to share the audio. Click " Share " to enter the recording mode.

4 During the recording period, the window frame will have different colors to identify the area currently being recorded. After completion, return to SurFlex and click the " Stop Recording " button on the right to complete the recording.

5 There will be a preview of the video you just recorded in the SurFlex online screen recording tool. Click the " Download " button on the right to get the WEBM video. Remember to save the video quickly. If you leave the webpage or click New Record, the video will not be retained. On service, it must be re-recorded.

6 After recording, it can only be downloaded to WEBM format, but we can still use the " WEBM to MP4 Video Conversion Tool: 4 Installation-Free Software Recommendations " to convert it to a more compatible MP4 video.




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