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Get Permanent Free Domain Name from EU.ORG & Integrate with Cloudflare

Introduction: ", free domain names since 1996". is the domain name under the European Union organization. EU stands for the European Union. Paul Mockapetris created the DNS server for this domain name from September to October 1996. Now it is free to register for individuals and organizations.


    1. Long history;

    2. Support NS records, which means to support all domain name records;

    3. Stable and can be used for a long time;

    4. No restrictions were found.

    Application Process

    1. Open the application page to register an account and verify the email.

    2. Log into your account, Click "New Domain" to Start to apply one

    3. Enter the domain name you want to register (need to include the suffix, for example, I enter (prefix at least 4 digits), and some third-level domain names (such as regional suffix) can be found here: https://, you can also apply for free) and enter your contact information, which is the ID of the contact you just applied for in "Administrative contact" and "Technical contact".  

    4. And finally fill in your DNS information in "Technical information" (note that the NS server needs to point to the domain name you applied for. click "Submit"

    Note: You will need to add your domain name into a domain registrar first. There are some popular domain registrar you can choose, but recommend to use or since their NS servers are always same. Not like cloudflare, it wont let you add in without passing test. But later, after your domain is up with either or, you can change it to cloudflare to manage it. 

    Hurricane Electric Hosted DNS(HE) NS Records:


    DNSPOD.COM NS Records:
    5. will do a verification for your NS records. 
    If you used above NS records, it will be successfully verified and your application will be accepted.  It also will need to verified by It might take 1 day or a couple of weeks. Eventually you will get an email from to your registered email, which subject is "request [20210206172103-arf-xxxx] (domain test.EU.ORG) accepted". Now your domain application is successful. 

    Add Into Cloudflare

    Now your successfully registered domain is managed either by or some other domain registrar. You can add some A records under your new registered domain, for example,, or 


    Check your domain can be found properly from

    Check those A records using nslookup to make sure they can be resolved. 

    After that, you can start to add your new domain from Cloudflare "add new site" page. Else you will get " is not a registered domain"

    If all is good, eventually cloudflare will give you a notification to replace your current ns records with cloudflare own NS records. Once you did that, you might need to wait a couple of hours to get those changed NS records verified by Cloudflare. That would be the last step before you can use Cloudflare to manage your new domain. 

    NameServers (You might get a different one during integration) :


    1. BEWARE of
      No mention here that is not a free service, until you sign up and after they have your phone and information, then is when you are aware that it's a paid service and requires credit card.
      I suggest, or other services.

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